Mindful Explorers Day Camp

Explorers are adventurous, brave and strong! Aligned with end of the winter holiday season when many families are looking to re-calibrate, we are pleased to offer a two-day camp to activate mindfulness practice, imagination, creativity, and more.

Join Mindful Explorers Day Camp to learn about mindful ways to:

  • Explore surroundings and be in the present moment
  • Tune in to feelings and use affirmations to stay motivated and focused
  • Use your creativity and imagination
  • Move your body mindfully to develop strength, balance and flexibility!

Our yoga and mindfulness day camp helps kids enjoy their natural strengths, feel happier, more confident and choose better behaviours.  Bring your child to be a strong, brave and kind explorer!

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Feedback from past day camps

“I enrolled my kids into the Mindful Superhero yoga camp and I was extremely impressed by the quality of activities the kids did as well as the mindfulness techniques that they learned. My kids absolutely loved their time at camp. It was a fantastic experience.”

“My 9 year old daughter attended the Mindful Explorers camp and she loved it. Nalelly is a great teacher!”

“Thank you SO much for the transformative and awesome Kind Monsters yoga camp!! Our daughter came home every day so joyful and happy. She said it’s her very favourite camp and she wants to go again as soon as there is another one. The work you did together on feelings, mindfulness and affirmations really affected her for the better. She loved all the thoughtful crafts and the heart plant. She needed this, SO much. She struggles with emotional regulation and focus, but with your help, I feel she has learned new tools to use. We’ve already seen behaviour changes. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! We will be back for sure and I’m happy to recommend YO YOGA to anyone.”